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Open Source Software

Nowadays, most of the people touched by IT really appreciate Open Source software. The Open Source developers around the globe have created a lot of excellent software (see the GNU software and Linux, FreeBSD, KDE/Gnome, the Mozilla project, just to name a few).

However, from a business standpoint, there are drawbacks. Most notably, much of the Open Source software has been written to solve a very specific problem - and it often does this exceptionally well -, but it does not integrate into other software solutions (or makes this task a very tough one).

Luckily for you, there is other Open Source software, that has been developed to fill the gap just mentioned.

One example for this kind of "metaware" is the Tequila project, which provides an easy to use, web-based administration front-end for Postfix mail servers running on Linux.

The typical Postfix mail server is running in combination with another major mail server component: the Mail Delivery Agent, usually a POP3 or IMAP capable mail server software (like Cyrus-IMAPD, Dovecot or Courier-IMAP) which delivers the email to the end user (see the MTA/MDA explanations on the Wikipedia page for details).

While Postfix works just great with, say, Cyrus-IMAPD, there is yet no configuration tool available in either of these software components to allow for easy administration of the entire mail server. Repetitive tasks, such as creating mail domains, account, and aliases have to be done manually by editing plain text files, and then converting them to database files. Out-of-the-office messages are also just a dream, as well as delegation of mail domain administration. This is exactly what Tequila provides, which makes the day-to-day operation of a postfix mail server a snap.

If you are interested in further details, then please study the Tequila page.